Who We are...

International, innovative, independent
These concepts are the basis of OPL’s foundation as a 21st century law firm pioneering legal industry progression. While old-fashioned law firms the world over trumpet them as buzzwords, for us they are the guiding values that led to our firm’s conception, what distinguishes us from traditional law firms as visionaries of the next legal generation. 

OPL is a truly international law firm. Our lawyers are qualified in Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, the UK, and the US. Our network extends to lawyers in the entire CEE region.  Our language capabilities cover almost the entirety of Central and Eastern European, most Western European languages, as well as Chinese, Russian, and Arabic. Our clients are multinationals and cross-border investors doing business in Central and Eastern Europe. Our services are provided to the highest international legal service standards.

OPL is one of the few uniquely innovative firms in the Central and Eastern European legal business. We are committed to pioneering the legal industry’s current major transformation, using our knowledge of technology and legal market evolution to deliver creative, efficient, and effective quality solutions for our clients. Among the innovative solutions we are developing for our clients is software that will support corporate legal departments handling mass claims. We are shaping legal services efficiency by providing outsourced legal functions and consultancy to in-house legal teams to optimise operations.

OPL is an independent law firm. We enjoy strong relationships with a number of US, UK, and other international law firms but remain autonomous in order to protect the quality of our services and our ability to provide tailored and efficient solutions to our clients.  We provide our clients with seamless services by working closely with our wide network of local and regional companies, including match makers, tax advisors, private equity funds, NGOs, trade associations, lobby firms, and corporate intelligence and IT security advisors.

Our team...

While vibrantly diverse in our range of industry expertise, practice areas, and languages, our team is united in enjoying our work and the services we provide to our clients and in our passion for being at the forefront of legal services transformation.

Miklós Orbán


Prior to founding OPL in 2011, Miklós has taken on several roles in the legal industry. He spent several years at various international law firms, including Allen & Overy in London and Lovells (now Hogan Lovells) in Budapest, then worked as Director of Regulation and Governmental Affairs at British Telecom. During his 7 years at BT, he was responsible for 25 countries of the CEE and Russia/CIS regions. He obtained his law degree from ELTE (Budapest) in 1999 and completed an LLM at Georgetown University, where he was a Fulbright Scholar. Miklos has been admitted to both New York and Budapest Bar. His innovative and ingenious approach to doing law, as well as his robust expertise in the field, landed recently him a place in Hungary's Top 3 IT lawyers in the "Top 100 Hungarian Lawyers".

Nóra Szűcs


Nóra’s considerable experience allows her to offer her clients in-depth, practical knowledge of over 10 sectors of the law. She graduated from ELTE Law School (Budapest) in 2008. Prior to her time at OPL, she spent 6 years at Clifford Chance Budapest and LKT where she dealt with complex legal issues as well as finance. She has led and coordinated various M&As for different market participants and was involved in the refinancing of the extension of a biofuel plant, as well as in its operation. While in charge, she has showed in-depth knowledge of day-to-day operations of properties. Her flexibility and broad-mindedness when approaching a legal issue allow her to offer solutions that are both optimal and innovative.

Szabolcs Perlaki


With over 15 years of practice in dealing with globally ranked clients mainly from the fields of Real Estate and IT, Szabolcs is one of the most experienced attorneys at OPL. He has a massive track record in designing complex real estate deals and conducting effective risk management for real estate funds. He was trained at PwC and has worked for CHSH in Vienna before becoming a partner at CHSH Budapest. Szabolcs obtained a Law degree from the Faculty of Law at ELTE (Hungary) in 1999 before becoming a permanent lecturer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where he delivered courses on property management and real estate law. Szabolcs is co-founder of the Hungarian Facility Management Association as well.

Máté Mester


Máté has a stellar professional resume of over 10 years of experience dealing with regulatory matters. He has been a core member of the ICT advisory team providing regulatory, compliance and commercial legal support for the biggest global tech companies investing and operating in CEE. Máté is Honorary Senator of the Hungarian Scientific Association for Infocommunications. In the past, he has worked for the Hungarian media and telecoms authority as a regulatory and strategic expert and acted as a head of unit, being responsible for telecommunications and media affairs during Hungary’s EU Presidency, in the relevant ministry. His legal education includes a law degree at PTE in Pécs (Hungary), a LLM in Law and Technology from Tilburg University (Netherlands) and an exchange specialized in European Law in Tampere (Finland). His down to earth and reliable nature makes him an excellent mentor for his younger colleagues, as well as a frequent guest lecturer at various universities.

Ioana Stupariu

Business Development Manager

Ioana has a wide expertise, gained throughout several years of working in law firms such as White&Case Budapest, in the legal publishing industry and in NGOs in both Hungary and Romania. She completed her legal education with involvement in several international projects which she founded and managed, working mostly on branding, PR and business development. As a jurist, Ioana has a LLB from Babes-Bolyai University (Romania) and a LLM in International Business Law from Central European University (Hungary). She is currently doing her PhD in International Business Law at the Central European University, specializing in Data Protection and Privacy, Internet and Technology law, and Intellectual Property Law. As a legal researcher, she has proven to have a strong analytical nature and attention for detail, but also a predilection for structure and order. Besides her native Romanian, she is also proficient in English and French, is fluent in Spanish and is also currently learning Hungarian.

Erzsébet Szalay


Erzsébet has accumulated extensive experience in the M&A, corporate and labour law fields. She has advised both multinational and local companies, guiding them through complex multijurisdictional and domestic focused transactions, as well as post-transaction integrations. Before joining OPL, Erzsébet spent 10 years in the M&A practice of Baker&McKenzie Budapest. She is focused on delivering results and solutions to the actual problems of clients, considering and addressing not only legal, but also business, operational and structural issues.

Nikolett Pogány


Nikolett has proven to be the aura of positivity throughout her time at OPL. As an office manager, she effortlessly leads, plans and coordinates projects related to operational improvements, best practices and overall office maintenance. Using her experience in administration gained in England, she excels at any task whether fitting into her job description or not, which makes her the first person of reference whenever someone faces a non-legal issue of any sort. Nikolett has earned a diploma in English studies from the University of Nyíregyháza (Hungary) and has previously held the position of translator. She also has a diploma in alternative therapy studies and is just finishing ear acupuncture studies. In her free time, Nikolett is engaged in all kinds of sport activities and she is also a big fan of sauna.

Ildikó Rácz

Legal Researcher

Ildikó graduated in law from KRE-ÁJK (Hungary) in 2016. She is now a PhD student and she researches on labour law topics, especially on the effect of digitalisation in labour cases. During her studies, she worked as a trainee at Ferencz, Fodor T., Kun & Partners Law Firm where she was involved in labour law matters. She has successfully participated in the Scientific Student Conference, where she obtained the third place, in the national competition on lawsuit speeches, where she was awarded the first place for claimants, as well as in the international Hugo Sinzheimer Moot Court Competition.

Maciej Chrzanowski


Maciej is an optimistic, active member of the OPL team. His professional record includes having won several personal injury cases against insurance companies and hospitals, using his attention to details to his client’s advantage. His background also includes having worked for a Central European think tank dealing with international affairs where he drafted and negotiated agreements, and worked on intellectual property, corporate law and litigation issues. After acquiring a LLM from the Jagiellonian University (Poland), he pursued another postgraduate degree specializing in Intellectual Property law. He is admitted to the Cracow Bar and can speak also Russian at an intermediate level.

Szilvia Horváth


Szilvia has been the heart of OPL since its establishment in 2012. She not only performs all of the office’s vital management tasks but supports each and every member of the OPL team too. Szilvia holds a Masters degree in Hungarian literature and enjoys practising yoga. Before joining OPL, Szilvia has worked in Germany and other Budapest based law firms.

Dániel Szabó


Being one of the finest litigators at the firm, Dániel has proven that a strong knowledge of the law and confidence, coupled with the right amount of humility, are the best way to win in court. He is well-known for his patience, a quality which he cultivated during his time as a permanent lecturer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics teaching Property/Facility Management and Real Estate law. Daniel graduated from law school at ELTE (Budapest), in 2005, and has since successfully represented hospitals, public institutions, banks, property management and IT companies. His experience includes acquisition and sale of real estate as well as involvement in corporate, labor and dispute resolution, which gives him a unique understanding of various areas of the law. His involvement in several incorporations and restructurings of companies and M&A transactions further prove his in-depth knowledge and proficiency in arguing his clients’ cases.

Kristína Cellengová


Kristína became an integral part of our team in 2016 and has been indispensable ever since, tackling complex legal matters in the field of telecommunications law and being responsible for monitoring legal updates for Slovakia and Czech Republic. Her main jurisdiction is Slovakia where she deals with corporate and civil issues. Her determined, yet focused approach when solving problems and her structured way of thinking allowed her to successfully excel in career. She earned her law degree at Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia) in 2011 and her doctorate at University of Pavol Jozef Šafárik in Košice (Slovakia) in 2014. Prior to joining OPL, she practiced in various legal areas, which represents a unique advantage to her skill set and a point of reference for any client who may run into unexpected trouble. Kristína is a hard and reliable worker and proved her devotion by frequently making herself available at the oddest times of the night whenever needed.

Zsolt Major


Zsolt is currently attending Pázmány Péter Catholic School of Law (Budapest) and has launched his career at OPL. During his time as part of the team, he has played a vital role in several cases, such as when delivering an overview paper on the current state of Hungarian eCommerce sector and in putting together an overview of drone regulation and electronic identification. Amongst other regular tasks, he excels at matters concerning ICT and Data Protection. Zsolt approaches every task with diligence, emphasizing what is essential and thinking systematically, thus giving personalized advice for every case.

Tamás Ujj-Mészáros

Senior Associate

Tamás is a well-experienced real estate and corporate attorney, having a seasoned market expertise and excellent negotiation skills which allow him to anticipate and identify his clients’ needs when dealing with contracts. His extensive knowledge of business and technical elements of real estate and property cases stems from 12 years of experience, 6 of them spent at CHSH Budapest where he dealt with corporate and real estate issues from Central and Eastern Europe. Tamás acquired a Law degree in 2005 from ELTE (Budapest). In addition to his professional accomplishments, he is able to finish a cycling race of nearly 200km with an average speed of 44km/h, which is quite an impressive record at OPL.

Márk Bene

Junior Associate

Márk has shown a good understanding of complex legal issues that require critical thinking and creativity during his time at OPL, which he joined while still a law student at ELTE (Budapest). Since then, he obtained his Law degree, graduating in 2016, and is now fully dedicated to the firm. Prior to OPL, Márk gathered 3 years of legal experience in a local firm in Budapest where he was involved mainly in corporate and real estate matters. At OPL, he is engaged in a multitude of projects, including M&As, real-estate transactions and providing governmental and regulatory affairs consultancy at both national and EU level. Mark’s ambition to reach for the sky in his field is not only evidence of a promising career, but also an incentive for him to provide high quality work for clients. In everyday life, Márk is always looking for new ways to breach business frontiers within the firm, something he enjoys as a hobby as much as anything else.

Zsolt Tolnai


While working with some of the biggest names in the financial and technology industry, Zsolt has successfully coordinated mass litigation projects for financial institutes relating to FX loan crisis, has successfully defended several clients in investigations by the DPA and has handled complex legal issues for e-commerce and IT firms. He also aided an international fleet management company to begin its operation in Hungary, offering full-scale day-to-day legal advisory services for almost two years. His proactive attitude and out-of-box thinking can be attributed to him having studied computer science prior to acquiring his law degree from ELTE (Budapest) in 2009. Before OPL, Zsolt worked with Allen & Overy and PwC where he learned to combine theory and practice exceptionally well, assessing legal risk and providing useful solutions. In addition to being one of the most skilled litigators at OPL, Zsolt is also responsible for the fun department at the office.

Gábor Kovács


Gábor‘s uniquely mixed legal expertise extends from the agricultural sector to the financial market. After obtaining a law degree from ELTE (Hungary) in 2007, he was trained at PwC, practicing corporate law, M&A, real estate and financing, before advising the CEO-s of Díjbeszedő and Díjnet, a large Hungarian electronic billing and e-payment service provider for 3 years. Gábor’s clients include Europe’s biggest bioethanol producer company, as well as a number of regional companies in the agricultural and the financial sector. In dealing with his clients’ cases, he adopts a ‘getting things done’ approach while displaying a deep understanding of the business motives behind actions having legal implications. Gábor is particularly skilled at painting the broader picture and acting as a liaison between the state and industry actors.

Zsófia Oláh

Senior Associate

Zsófia is uniquely educated and trained to tackle a wide range of employment matters. After getting a Law degree from ELTE (Hungary) in 2003, she pursued a LLM in International Business Law at Central European University in Budapest, as well as a postgraduate course in Employment Law from the University of Pécs (Hungary). She was trained in several reputable law firms in the region including Squire Sanders, Freshfields and CHSH Budapest having worked mostly on real estate, general corporate and commercial matters. In her interactions with clients, Zsófia proved her reliability and impeccable work ethic, offering her continuous support in contentious and non-contentious employment law and inter-related practice areas such as immigration, labour inspection, IP, data protection and litigation. Due to her attention to details, Zsófia has become an efficient risk manager, continuously seeking to reduce clients’ exposure from any complex issue that may arise.

Ádám Dunai

Junior Associate

Since joining OPL, Ádám has worked on regulatory issues and managed to gain a deep understanding of EU-related matters, especially on telco and IT market issues, following thoroughly the legal developments in the field. He has a law degree from ELTE (Budapest), which included a year exchange spent in China, and a BA degree in Hungarian Language and Literature from Pázmány Péter Catholic University. After he decided to change careers from journalism and pursue a career in law, Adam received legal training within RTL in Hungary. With this unique and complex background and compelling language and work skills, Adam has soon become an invaluable asset for our team.

Kata Molnár


Kata graduated from ELTE Law school (Budapest) and also studied European Business Law at the University of Abertay Dundee (Scotland). In 2011, she joined Nagy és Trócsányi where she was engaged in litigation matters as well as general corporate and commercial matters. In 2014 she joined OPL as a trainee lawyer where she really found her place and continued her work in the corporate field, by participating in transactions and representing big companies on several legal matters. Kata does not limit herself to one field of law but can do a bit of everything. She has experience in advising companies regarding regulatory matters and managing the legal department outsourcing of one of the biggest clients of OPL. Last year, during her 10 month secondment at a major tobacco company, she gained experience not only regarding the daily legal issues of a big organization, but also about the detailed, complex operation of a company from a business point of view. Moreover, in 2016 she became the representative of OPL in a joint venture founded by OPL and Paralaw, a London-based legal outsourcing firm. She is a qualified lawyer since January 2016.

Balázs Surinya

Junior Associate

Balázs graduated from law school in 2016. While acquiring his law degree at ELTE (Budapest), he studied at Mykolas Romeris University in Vilnius (Lithuania) as part of an Erasmus exchange. His previous work experience includes having been trained at a law firm in Budapest as well as an intern at the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs. At OPL, he tries to be involved in several projects covering different areas of law in order to gain experience. He often acts as a support for our associates in mass litigation projects, regulatory research and advice and has proven to be of real help when working on complex cases due to his hard-working and reliable nature.

Fanni Miavecz


Fanni is responsible for OPL’s financial management and assists our lawyers in various legal processes. In this capacity, she prepares reports, budgets, accounts, commentaries and financial statements and takes it upon herself to research into pricing, competitors and factors affecting performance. She obtained her degree in Japanese studies at ELTE (Budapest). Her professional background includes Allen & Overy where she was involved in marketing, event management and other promotional activities. She acquired her financial skills during her time managing fine-dining restaurants’ finance and HR in Marbella (Spain). When she is not behind her desk being extremely efficient, Fanni is training her dog, Lali, to stop trying to eat anything and everything, who occasionally pays us visits in the office.

Jessica Vause


Jess is a hard-working and driven student, who is currently training at OPL as part of her Law with International Studies degree at the University of Surrey (UK). She aspires to become a barrister in the UK and further to obtain a Masters in Law. As part of her training at OPL, Jess researches and summarises statutes and other legal documents, aids in drafting documents and proposals to clients, and helps the associates with their work wherever possible. Having a passion for volunteering, especially regarding conservation, she intends to spend part of next summer volunteering in Botswana on a wildlife reserve.

Márk Kakas

Junior Associate

Márk has launched his career at OPL as a trainee. Since then, he has obtained a Law degree from PTE (Hungary) in 2017, while he also has a BA degree in Communication and Media Studies. Some of his extracurricular activities include him being awarded the second place at the National Scientific Students' Associations Conference in the European Public and Private Law section in 2017, and having participated at the European Youth Conference in Strasbourg in 2014. Throughout his time at OPL, he has shown pragmatism and receptivity in completing his tasks and eagerness in tackling challenging cases, always ready to offer his support to any lawyer in the firm.

What We Do...

OPL is a full-scale corporate law firm providing a range of innovative, flexible, effective, and efficient services to multinationals and investors doing business in Central and Eastern Europe.

We pride ourselves on our approach to providing commercial, strategic, and sector-specific legal services through a range of creative, purpose-built solutions that may include any (or all) of:

  • Legal advisory services
  • Flexible legal resourcing
  • Legal process outsourcing
  • Mass claim management
  • General counsel coaching and training
  • Legal team management
  • In-house counsel audits and transformation
  • IT-based compliance monitoring, case monitoring, and business reporting

We have particular expertise in the following industry sectors:

  • Technology, media, telecom
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Agriculture

Our practice areas cover:

  • Corporate (M&A, finance, investment management, securities)
  • Real estate
  • Employment
  • Privacy and data protection
  • Intellectual property
  • Wealth management
  • Dispute resolution
  • Government relations


If you are a motivated legal professional looking for a state-of-the-art law office, then OPL is the right place for you. We are an international, young, energetic, and vibrant team of diverse professionals who love our work. We tend to describe ourselves as the most creative and avant-garde legal team in Central and Eastern Europe, wishing to serve as hub for those with a similar outlook.

We are always open to new team members with the following features:

  • entrepreneurial mind-set
  • out-of-the (legal) box thinking
  • achievement of the extraordinary (academic or otherwise)
  • outstanding educational background or outstanding results/experience
  • excellent command of English (other languages are highly recommended)
  • excellent integrity
  • ready to work hard
  • open to new challenges

The standard OPL package includes a modern working environment (loft office), a vibrant and dynamic team of co-workers, the opportunity to engage with a wide range of international clients, a great variety of work, coaching and training support for professional development, and a competitive salary. If you are interested in joining us, please send your CV and a cover letter to office@opl.hu


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